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More than a year into this pandemic and the adjustments we've all had to make in our lives. And also certainly affected our minds some may find yourself forgetting things that brain fog right or just feel like you're. And a general well this week is brain awareness week joining us with some way simple ways to improve our brains and get them back on track really is research you're a scientist and nutrition doctor. via good morning to you doctor he doing. Good morning.

Let's Start!

Thanks. So OK, it is brain awareness week explain to us exactly what this week means for everybody right. Why is it so important for us to really develop treatments activities to increase brain function. Brand awareness week is a really great initiative is actually started by the Dana Foundation many years ago, it's really goal is to get the public excited about learning about the rain and the importance of brain health and brain research and how it can benefit our wellness and just our overall health. All right so there are certain foods right they can help us with our brain activity if you will so walk us through what some of those are this is something that we can all do at home I see cookies you see cookies that's right so it's little bit don't worry so one of the things that we need to keep in mind is that you want focus on the of smart snacks something that I really love is reasons California reasons are great because they're high in a mineral called boron which is essential for proper brain function and cognitive functioning.

These are great as a snack on their own or you can use him as a substitute ingredient if you're baking like if you're heading Irish soda bread in honor of Saint Patrick's Day or cookies.

That woman, the rays again. So the reason is heightened element called boron which has been linked to increased cognitive performance so it's brain OK, what's next.

The Vitamin

tips to improve your brain

Yes so we also want to focus on other nutrients that are important for brain health vitamin D and vitamin B those are 2 things that people are sometimes off and efficient so sometimes you might need to supplement because it's not always easy to get those things from foods so far not it is a great option because they make vitamin D to make vitamin B they also have a vitamin B 12 blaze which had a little bit of caffeine in it and it can help to increase your focus, it's a great way to supplement when you can't necessarily get those nutrients from the foods alone that we're dropping that cookie.

You could definitely have one of those cookies if you're having a We're trying to find the connection between the cookies. Cookies as reasons and these Okay there you go yes and what's that you got there sitting next to the glass of milk. Oh one of the things that makes it difficult not getting enough vitamin D and some of the B vitamins is that we don't see that in a lot of foods naturally but many foods are actually 45 with them so cereals amid a deal will be signed a lot of different cereals we consume and also milks OK, I'm also fish fish is a good source of vitamin D as well, it's just difficult to get it solely from foods that's why a lot of people are decision and sometimes you need to somebody stay tuned on that somebody here is to every single day All morning rain on that to not come from the studio help some lines are there any ingredient people look out for.

The Coffee

tips to improve your brain

Yeah, there are a couple things to keep in mind so with the coffee. Cherry is actually the decaffeinated part of the coffee charity. And this has been clinically shown in trials to increase something called bdnf which is brain derived factor and this is a factor that has been shown to help with the growth of new. There's also another ingredient called loss but why coffee jar of never heard of a coffee cherry where you get it. So this is where the coffee bean is actually inside this cherry Part is the cherry that I guess is typically discarded, but research has shown that it contains this ingredient that allows it to increase our brain power which is a great thing that's fascinating.

Okay so let's get a brain fog because during this pandemic a lot of people that experiencing so help us. I guess try to figure out. It's truly brain fog are we just a little forgetful I mean how do we know it's it's really a problem.

Well I think that you know we're all stressed out we're all struggling adapting to different things that are happening in the world and so I think that a lot of people are finding that the pandemic in and of itself has brought about just a lot of confusion and stress and that has translated into brain fog for a lot of people they feel like they can't focus they feel like they're not able to complete tasks that are put in front of them.

Brain Gym

tips to improve your brain

It's something that we're hearing more and more about in the research is being relatively common these days. But there are things you can do to help to correct where the things I like is no result plus they actually make a product that contains the coffee cherry extract and another thing called sarian which has been shown to increase brain in terms of functioning and focus and so it's great because it also contains B vitamins as well and so if you're feeling having brain fog you might want to give this a try so I'll be able to focus after that ice. It's been shown to help to improve focus and clarity and The we can do. There actually is new Reid also has a brain gym.

App that you can get it to go play or the app store and it's a great way to have different games and assessments to track your progress and it's a good way to exercise your brain we always think about exercising our bodies but people that exercise our brains as Crossword puzzles and stuff like that are really good for exercising the brain absolutely got to keep your brain going try different activities you don't always do the same brain activity got to change it up a lot got thank
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