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Brain Function - Today I will cover the number one nutritional tool that you can use to drastically improve its brain function in today's world, there are many people who suffer from brain health problems. These brain health problems come in many ways on the path of psychiatric disorders: neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's and dementia. All the way for the average person who is trying to spend the workday and have cerebral fog. They cannot concentrate in the afternoon. His brain no longer works because they have little brain resistance. As they know, when all people go to the doctor and try to find answers to these problems, they usually only receive some pharmaceutical products that cover the symptoms and cause more brain problems. So, what I want to help you do here is to reach the root cause of some of these problems. In addition to that, we talk about some of the different nutritional things that it can do to drastically improve both brain function and brain health. So let's move on and have on that so you can improve your brain function and health. Now let's move on and talk about how to improve brain function.

Let's See DHA 

brain function

Are you saying that doctors are asking you that you were talking about what we can do nutritionally? What can do nutritionally is to use DHA. Now what is DHA?. DHA is a conditionally essential omega-3 fatty acid, it is conditionally essential because there are some situations in which it may need it. In some situations in which it is possible that now not in today's conditions there are many people who really need it well. Diets of poor quality, they may not have access to foods that have high amounts of DHA. You may have a lot of stress in your lifestyle. These are all the reasons that DHA need to need and you really know the lack of causing a lot of problems inside. The body now, when we look at DHA, is highly concentrated in mitochondria. This is the body's energy center. This is where energy occurs in the brain and also the photoreceptors of the eye. Guess what? If you have DHA deficiencies or a low level in the body, all these areas fight now. It is also essential for eye health, immune health, the health of the heart, of which I will have more in a minute. Cell health and also the brain in which we are making a great approach in this particular article. So, what we want to do is use DHA to improve all these health areas.

Inflamation To The Brain

brain function

We are going a little more about how DJ can help with brain health. Now, when we look at DHA in the brain, essentially, the first thing is to be very successful is to reduce inflammation. When we observe inflammation in the brain, it is one of those fundamental causes of the main brain problems in which there are psychiatric disorders if they are neurodegenerative conditions. It is since you know something like a DD ADHD. The inflammatory problem in the brain is one of those fundamental causes well and it is difficult to get rid of because once it has inflammation in the brain. It causes functional problems, makes the inability of the brain properly detoxify and, as a result, that causes more inflammation. So you get this vicious feedback cycle and what happens really begins to have problems with too much inflammation in the brain that causes brain problems. It will also support neuronal connectivity correctly if you are trying to improve brain function. If you also want to make sure not to age and obtain neurodegenerative conditions, this is something important to consider. And then it will also help with cognition and memory of memory. That way of improving brain function as well.

Cognitive Capasities

brain function

We are going to talk about it more in this article and how children radically find improved scores and cognitive capacities. When they use DHA, then it is very protective of the brain which. We will talk more about it because when we look like I said all these neurodegenerative conditions if you are like me, you want to know why. The question is: why do people suffer from Alzheimer's when it is something that is preventable dementia? All these different neurodegenerative conditions are very important to make sure you treat yourself for me. Just for example. This thing takes place in my family, I am very worried and that is why the DHA is a large part of my global health and the health of my family.

Younger and Older

brain function

Then let's talk about the DHA and the aging that we are going to focus. You know a little in certain areas of other areas of health, but you mainly focus on brain health. It is important to maintain myelin and health. This is very important for overall to improve the function of the brain and health. As we know, these are some of the things that start to. It is starting to decrease. We are starting to obtain a certain degeneration in these areas as they age, we want to make sure that we follow our brain health and that the DHA helps us to do it. This will also help improve ADV adults and ADHD. Otherwise, it's no, it's something that we generally think of children, but there are a lot of adults who are not able to concentrate. They are unable to recall things you know. When we look at a lot of problems with a date D and ADHD, they are not only in children that many adults have it. Unfortunately, you know they live with it and they simply say "Well, it's a struggle that I have", but they don't know that you can really use something like the DHA and scientifically. It is proven that it helps to reverse. Many of these problems and symptoms associated with it, this will also reduce the risk of sudden death of the heart. Okay, it's not very important, you know.

Children Habits

brain function

You know people at the end of the forties in the early 1950s who died of a heart attack like that. And so research shows us that this considerably decreases the risk that this happens. It will also help reduce macular degeneration. As I said if you are like me, you like to ask questions. Okay, why do so many people have a macular degeneration today? Why do so many elderly have retina detachments? It is a big problem and how is it that it is not a big problem before. But it is now and therefore what we look at here is that you just know that you first know all the children who are in front of smartphones all the time. Children who are on computers this kind of thing and even adults causes early macular degeneration. In this situation, we just have to put good things, so that we support good eye health.

The Research

brain function

Let us examine a study on mental health. This is important what they did is that they took a group of adults aged 35 to 54 and what they did is that they have examined five major dimensions of the Mental Health. What they found is that the DHA was able to improve mental health. In a huge way, he was able to help mental reasoning, mental flexibility, memory and vocabulary which are all good signs. If you have trouble in one of these areas that you have a neurodegenerative problem in your brain, you do not have an appropriate brain function. He is also able to help keep brain cells. More important as we age as I said, it is not only for someone who is great, you know up age, it's for someone you know. In the twenty people, all this is very very favorable, but will also help with the health of the eyes. What they found is in a study by the National Eye Institute 2009 is that you are 30% less likely to develop macular degeneration. If you had large amounts of DHA in your diet and it is something that is part of my diet to help improve my eye health because I personally go through a process.

Start Consuming Food With DHA

brain function

As I said before, DHA is a large part of the health of my general family, starting with my children. Now, when we look at the mother who taking DHA, the fetus will put it well and what was found is fine. We will get to that at one time, but what we are finding is that drastically helps the baby's general development and development and now if the mother is breastfeeding the baby, the baby will still get the DHA if the mother is taking it. Therefore, it is very important that mothers who wish to improve their baby's health. Another example, my wife is currently pregnant and is taking DHA so you know that he gives our son the best opportunity in life essentially. Now, when we look at our children, for example, once they were no longer breastfeeding and once they could start consuming food. We must start complementing with DHA! Here is why children and DHA and eye health is one of the first topics that we will discuss here, basically, what they found is that they have opted for optimal retinol and also the visual maturity of the cortex if they are using DHA like someone like someone That has had high glasses. As I was a small child and the poor view in my family, I wanted to make sure we do our best to ensure that our children get the right nutrients to have a good quality ocular health. Then we use the DHA and so far everything is fine.


Now, when we look at babies in DHA, basically, what was found is that they obtained higher scores in mental and development tests. Well, basically, these children who are complementing with DHA had a higher cognitive capacity as a result. They were writing down better in their tests, they were writing down better at school simply because they had DHA. Children and ADHD are fine, once again, this is a big problem. I take care of many teachers who tell me more and more children more than ever before coming to school with all kinds of development problems. Okay, add ADHD and what they have essentially found is not only in adults but also in children. When it has a ADHD problem, basically, what happens is that this correlates with a decrease in the DHA. If we increase the DHA according to the studies, what we will find is that they can work better now. There is a study of 16 weeks 362 children what they found is that when DHA intake increases they could reduce impulsive behavior. That is huge many of these children who can concentrate on school. They cannot work at school. Dha can really help. So, what we know here is that DJ is very important to improve the function of brain and health, it is important for the health of the heart, it is important for ocular health, it is important for the total health of its body, it is very important If we really increase our DHA levels. Consume high amounts every day, we will have much better general health. Therefore, the clinically relevant dose and also very pure we want to make sure that we are not obtaining a lot of toxins in our oils, they want to make sure that oils are not rancid also if we want them to work.

If you have any questions, put it in the comments section. I appreciate it. I will help you understand more about the well -being of nutrition that invests the health conditions of weight loss, only everything you need to know to drastically improve your health. Check out my other article here that will really help you improve your health and I will see you in the next article.
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